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Ecoster Piotr Kozioł

Skórzewska 63, Wysogotowo

62-081 Przeźmierowo, Poland

woj. Wielkopolskie

Budynek Agroster


NIP: 7811089210



0048 513 078 100

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ECOSTER is the exclusive distributor in Poland:

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Skórzewska 63, Wysogotowo

62-081 Przeźmierowo, Poland 

Building Agroster





phone: +48 513 078 100



  • Mobile and compact, may be used with multiple machines
  • Equipped with pre-filter to protect the pump from solid particles
  • Proven separation module
  • Diaphragm pump
  • Simple in use, low maintenance



  • Cleans coolants from oil and solid contamination
  • Extends tools life
  • Improves operator's work environment
  • Helps prevent unpleasant odors and risk of infection
  • Increases service life of coolants and improves parts quality
  • Reduces coolant replacement/disposal costs
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  Coolants in the production process inevitably become contaminated with dirty oil, grease and particulate materials loosing valuable cooling properties, which in turn leads to drastic reduction in quality of the workpiece and the service life of tools and machines. Contaminated coolants are also ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that are responsible for the odor and increase the risk of infection for the machine operator. These problems can be solved by using OIL SEPARATOR ECO-4.


  The separator in a very efficient way cleans the coolants from oil and other impurities extending the usage of coolant in some cases even twice. This allow for savings not only on the coolants but also on the costs of utilization of dirty coolants. The separator is made of stainless steel, it is mobile (on wheels), what allows its usage at multiple machines, and it operates in a "by-pass" mode so it can be used without interrupting the operation of the machine (lathe, milling machine, etc.). Coolant flow through the separator is forced by a membrane pump powered by compressed air, so there is no need to connect the device to the electricity. The separating coalescence insert is made of polypropylene corrugated plates.


The separator can be provided with additional flow-through UV

sterilizer specially designed for coolants.

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ECOSTER is a producer of


OIL SEPARATOR ECO-4 is a mobile device designed for cleaning coolants from tramp oil.

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